About Kyle:

Ever since I was a child I was infatuated with movies.  I lived for the summertime so I could watch the same episode of SportsCenter and watch HBO all day at my grandmothers house.  There was nothing more gratifying than being placed in a world unlike my own.  Growing up the sci-fi films with hints of reality in them were always my favorite.  I could put myself in their situations and dream that I was with them.  As I got older I grew to love punk music and the DIY music scene; with that came my new found love of small independent dramas.  Now I write short films and try to see every interesting movie that I come across.

About Erich:

May 19th, 1999… the day I was introduced to a movie theater. This was the day Star Wars: The Phantom Menace was released and I have loved movies since that day. As you can tell Kyle and I are vastly different in our preferred film tastes, he loves his indie movies as I am more of a blockbuster diehard but that’s not to say we don’t both enjoy all kinds of films. I’m currently a film major at Temple University and I have my favorite film of all time to thank me for this, American Psycho. The dream is to one day have two film lovers like us write about my films but for now let’s get to it!