Captain America: The First Avenger (2011) Review

Continuing my MCU marathon, I’ve arrived at the precursor to the big one with Captain America: The First Avenger. This was a huge film when it was released as before this, we were given one of the worst comic book films ever made. The original 1990 adaptation of Captain America is so bad that it’s funny but that’s not how this fantastic hero should be put on screen. Luckily six years ago, we were blessed with a true adaptation of the hero that ended up being a damn fun film.


Chris Evans is Steve Rogers, a man who just wants to serve his country and join the war in 1944. When he becomes hand selected to become the worlds first super soldier, he becomes Captain America and must work with the U.S Army in their fight against Nazi Germany and an even worse threat in Johann Schmidt (Hugo Weaving).

captain america.png

Chris Evans is like the perfect casting as Steve Rogers as he’s both a physical specimen but also justs oozes hope, love and optimism which is my favorite part about this film. It’s such an optimistic and fun upbeat film which is hard to do with World War 2 but Joe Johnston, the director and the screenwriters found a way to do it. Sebastian Stan is great as Bucky Barnes in his small but teasing role. Tommy Lee Jones is Tommy Lee Jones in this film and that’s pretty amazing. Hayley Atwell damn near steals the show however as Peggy Carter, an SSR agent and Steve’s love interest but the thing that makes her so awesome is she’s a strong woman in a male dominated world. She holds her own and is such a lovable character that I’m glad they went and gave her a TV series as one film doesn’t do her justice, not a spoiler there.


My biggest gripe with the film is that it does this montage sequence of action where instead of showing us the various missions Steve par takes on or even a single drawn out mission, it brushes through them and kind of made me long for more.


Captain America: The First Avenger teases us for The Avengers with an awesome origin of an American hero. This is a film that people give some unwarranted flak to. While not perfect, Captain America is a fun retro war adventure that gives us the final piece to Marvels superhero team.

Grade: B


Next Up: The Avengers (2012)


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