Game of Thrones Reaction: Season 7 Episode 5: Eastwatch

(Heavy spoilers follow for Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 6 “Eastwatch” follow)


After last weeks masterpiece episode, I really didn’t know how this episode would follow that up. Well while this weeks episode was lacking in physical action, there was still so much that happened this week! Seriously, this has been probably my favorite season of GOT because it’s the cumulation of everything we’ve been asking for and wanting for 6 years and we’re getting all of it!

Okay where to start? Well how about GENDRY! Yes, after so much speculation and theory about where this fan favorite character disappeared to for multiple seasons, leave it to sir Davos to be the one to bring him back into the fold. Granted it, it was to protect him rather than have him join Jon’s fight against the Wights but having him become a major player quicker rather than later just feels oh so right. I guess it would make sense to just address the elephant in the room and talk about the biggest thing that happened this episode with Jon leaving Dragonstone with Sir Davos, Jorah, who returned to serve his queen after fulfilling his promise, Gendry, and a few others to go to Castle Black and get help in bringing a walker to Kings Landing in hopes to get Cersei to call a temporary truce and aid them in the fight against the walkers. The promo for next week shows that it’s going to be one hell of a battle and most likely going to be a landmark Thrones episode.


Prior to this, seeing Jamie, who along with Bronn, survived last weeks epic cliffhanger, meet with Tyrion was such a good sight and I’m so glad that Jamie heard him out. Finding out Cersei knew this meeting was going on and let it happen is such a Cersei thing to do and while it’s good that they’re going to help fight the walkers, I know it’s for their own gain.


Arya has been keeping a close eye on Littlefinger, as she should cause he’s such a sneak, she found something in his room that we learned and probably all knew he wanted her to find. She found the letter Sansa was forced to write to Robb about Ned’s “betrayal” of Robert Barathon. So many call backs to the first season this season which I kind of love but this spells trouble for Arya and Sansa’s relationship which is already going through a rough patch as Arya doesn’t agree with Sansa’s ruling of Winterfell. I just hope that they both realize what’s going on before something horrible happens.


Now for probably the biggest part of the episode that some people probably didn’t hear. Well first, RIP to Sam’s brother and father who while his father was kind of an ass to Sam, become some charcoal along with Dickon which instilled fear for not bending the knee to Dany, much to Tyrion’s disliking. I’m glad Dany at least trusts Jon because I hope he will help guide her to a more peaceful and less gruesome ruling of the throne, opposite of her father. Okay now back to the best part of the episode. Sam is getting fed up with the Maesters and leaves after stealing a few books that can help him learn a way to defeat the walkers. The scene before this had something in it that made me kind of scream. If you remember last season, Jon Snow was of course shown to be Lyanna Stark’s child who Ned took as his own. It was never really shown who the father was, even though we all kind of know it’s Rhaegar Targaryen. But when Gilly was reading to Sam and seemingly frustrating him, he cut her off right before she could finish her sentence. If you listen closely, she says that “Prince Rhaegar got an annulment   to his wife, Elia Martell and remarried in a secret ceremony to someone else” This seemingly proves that Jon is a Targaryen since that other person Rhaegar married is most definitely Lyanna! This means Jon would have a rightful place on the throne which I hope doesn’t bring Dany to feel threatened by this and Jon would instead work with her. Those two need to work together! But now this means that them becoming an item is definitely incestious and yet I still kind of want it. Game of Thrones, the weird thoughts you put in my head. Next week can’t come sooner!

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