Thor (2011) Review

We’re back to my Marvel Cinematic Universe series with the first time Marvel took a leap and risked it with Thor. This film is really different from the other 3 films that preceded it, being that this is probably the weirdest and hardest one to market. This film works so much better than I think it really has the right too and while it’s not perfect, I think it’s such an entertaining and fun origin story of a hero that many people didn’t know existed before this.

Thor is the origin story of the titular hero played by Chris Hemsworth. Thor is the son of Odin (Anthony Hopkins), The all father and king of Asgard who is appointing a new king which is Thor. Just as he’s about to become king, he senses the frost giants, who are the enemy of the Asgardians, are trying to steal back a relic from when the Asgardians defeated the giants in the past. When Thor recklessly goes to the frost giants land and seemingly begins a war, Odin banishes him to Earth, powerless and without the ability to lift his hammer, Moljnir, Thor must learn what it means to lead and become the man that Odin knows he should be.

Chris Hemsworth owns this role as Thor. Seemingly his first role on screen, he absolutely destroys it and carries this movie. He’s charming, funny, smart and just such a badass character. This film is the first time we meet Loki (Tom Hiddleson) and he is fantastic in this film. Although I believe his best performance as the character comes down the line, here he plays the character so perfectly that halfway through when his character arc becomes a lot more meaty, you’re invested in him. Anthony Hopkins is good in the little screentime he has. Natalie Portman is also pretty good as Jane Foster, Thor’s love interest. Her chemistry with Hemsworth is perfect and I really liked her character, definitely moreso in this than the follow-up film. 

This brings me to my flaws with the film, which begins with the fact that while the fish out of water storyline works in this film, you’re rarely on Asgard for like 75% of the film, which is kind of disappointing. This gives us Kat Dennings Darcy character. This character is definitely used way too much and is honestly extremely annoying. She’s played for comedy but just comes off mostly flat. Easily my least part about this film. Also, Kenneth Branagh is a wonderful director who brings tremendous talent to this film but his one choice that seemingly doesn’t make any sense is the amount of Dutch angle shots. I enjoy the Dutch angle when used at the right time but this film is loaded with shots that for the most part don’t make any sense. This film looks beautiful besides this point but I’m not a huge fan of this choice. At least it’s not Battlefield Earth level though.

Thor isn’t my favorite MCU film by any means but it will always hold a special place in my heart as it was the first MCU film I had seen in theaters. It’s a well directed, well acted and fun origin story for a hero that for the most part shouldn’t really work as well on the screen as he does.

Grade: B


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