Game of Thrones Reaction: Season 7 Episode 4: The Spoils of War

(Spoilers for Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 4 “The Spoils of War” follow)

Wow! Freaking WOW! This weeks Game of Thrones will go down as one of the best episodes of the series. The entire last 25 minutes contained one of the best battle sequences ever on the series and had some major players going at it, with a fan favorite character’s casualty or two seeming like a real possibility. Before I say anything about that, I’ll talk about some of the other things that happened this episode.


Arya is back in Winterfell finally, even if Jon isn’t so we have to wait for that reunion a little bit longer. But seeing Arya and Sansa reunite was satisfying even if Sansa seems a little distraught that both her brother and sister have completely changed as people. I loved the little training/fight scene between Arya and Brienne who up to this point has been kind of MIA this season. Littlefinger also snaked his way into Bran’s head, even though Bran knows everything so I think he knows what Littlefinger is up to before even Littlefinger knows.


Jon showed Dany a cave with drawings showing the history of the white walkers and honestly the tension is so strong that I believe we’re going to either have to get Jon to know that he’s related to her or they’re going to become a thing. They still could even if they figure out they’re related. Even Davos mentioned this to Jon in a hilarious line “I’ve seen you staring at her big heart”. I think it’s more of a mutual respect type of thing with Jon and Dany because Dany asked Jon what he would do when she found out Euron destroyed her fleets. She of course completely ignored him but it was nice that she asked and it seems like it may be the start of a partnership as they’re growing. Okay so back to Dany ignoring Jon.


Dany completely rocked the Lannister fleet at Casterly Rock in a spectacularly bloody and firey battle that had both sides getting their ass kicked. Jamie sunk down water as Bronn, who might have just been featured in his final episode, tackled Jamie seconds before Dany’s dragon set fire. Before this, Bronn nailed the dragon with an arrow and the scene played out, it felt like Bronn is the odd man out. Jamie is too pivotal to die right now.

I apologize that this post isn’t as in depth as the past GOT related posts as I’m currently on vacation but I needed to get this out there for you guys and also because this was the craziest episode since the finale last season.


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