50 Greatest Indy’s | 39. Passion of the Christ

The list returns with Passion of the Christ.  I have been on hold with this list because of this film.  I have been so hesitant to watch this because I have grown so much since I first saw this (around 12 years ago).  I remember watching this at first and not really understanding what was going on, other than the fact that Jesus was getting abused beyond belief, I couldn’t understand the language and that the devil was horrifying in that movie.

So this movie felt odd to me.  Taking all religious aspects out of it, it felt weird.  Whether it be the odd lighting or the fact that all the languages used felt fake and several accents used.  I understand trying to get the authenticity real by using the languages used, but it was very distracting to me.  Also this was a brutal film, and I am not here to say that Jesus was abused like this or not, but I do not feel like it was necessary to focus on the violence like Gibson did.  He wanted you to know that Jesus suffered and I get that.  For the record, if that was any other character, I would feel that a bit over the top.  I am never one to shy away from violence, in fact I encourage it in films sometimes.  I find that if you can do it, show it.  This on the other was a bit much.

I didn’t really get anything out of this movie.  I went to Sunday school; I know about the story of Jesus.  If you want a movie about religion that is well shot and feels like you are getting something out of watching it, watch The Ten Commandments or Ben Hur.  These are classics that don’t shove your branch of religion down the audiences throat or throw catholic guilt in your face.

I do commend the actors and the entire crew for putting out a film that, for all intents and purposes, was very difficult to work on.  Three crew members were struck by lightening and Jim Caviezel was accidentally whipped several times.  The set design and costumes were remarkable as was the score.  Still doesn’t deny the fact that this was an overtly brutal film when it didn’t have to be.

Passion of the Christ: 5.9/10

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