2017: The worst summer for film

If you look back at a post I made in May, I talked about the worst movies that were coming out this summer.  Aside from Wonder Woman (which I hated by the way), all my predictions were spot on.  All of the supposed blockbusters failed (minus Spider-Man) have been either critical or box office failures.

The most disappointing part of these past few months has been the lack of independent films.  In summers past we have been treated to delights such as Me, Earl and the Dying GirlEdge of SeventeenDon’t Think Twice, Everybody Wants Some!!, Indignation, Swiss Army Man, Hell or High Water… the list goes on.  This year we have had It Comes at Night, A Ghost Story, and not much else.

Usually I can hit the theater at least once a week sometimes even more with all the great movies that come out in the summer, but this has been disappointing.  There has not been a single draw since It Comes at Night and I don’t see a great indy coming out until Fun Mom Dinner gets released here.

For now, I suppose we just have to wait.  We were blessed with such a fantastic film year last year, but everything seems down.  Expect a less than stellar Best Picture winner as well.  I have not seen Dunkirk yet, but everything I hear is that it is very overrated.  I am ecstatic for the Disaster Artist to come out, but that wouldn’t win against any best picture winner.  Not even Crash or Chicago.

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