There Will Be Blood

There Will Be Blood has been the number one film on top of a list I created of movies that I have not seen, but need to.  I was twelve when this came out and it was pretty inaccessible for a long time, even after being consider an all time great.  When I finally got to watch this movie I was nervous and giddy because I was not sure if it could live to the hype that the entire industry has put upon it.  One of my favorite directors, Quentin Tarantino, has heralded Daniel Day Lewis’ portrayal of oilman Daniel Plainview as the greatest of all time.  It is hard to disagree.


It has been talked ad nausea about just how great DDL was in this movie.  I also think that Paul Dano did a great job going against one of the greatest performances ever.  It is hard to be able to stand out in a movie with DDL, but I kept coming back to the baptism scene and just how truly amazing he was in that.

Everything about this film was extraordinary.  The score, which felt out of place at times, really proved its worth as the scenes devolved and gave it an old time cinema feel.  The cinematography was absolutely gorgeous and helped add so much more to the scene than what was being acted.  Finally, I think the set design and costuming was some of the best I have seen in a film ever.  There were little nuances that really helped pull me into this world and turned this into a time machine.  The little things like making sure that the money was accurate and that all tools used while building the rigs were time sensitive.  The attention to detail was remarkable.

There is nothing bad to say about this film and I think I might even watch it again this weekend because I really want to see these actors perform again.  Paul Thomas Anderson is one of the greatest actors of this generation and I cannot wait to see DDL’s last film directed by Paul.

There Will Be Blood: 9.8/10

Erich’s Next Movie: Indignation


I had a hard time finding a film this week which means it is time to refill my list for you.  This was a movie I saw last summer and was pleasantly shocked as to how much I liked it.  Please take my advice here and watch this with zero distractions.  This film works best when you immerse yourself into the setting and watch all at once with no breaks.  It pays off, trust me.

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