“Greatest” films I have yet to see

So while watching There Will Be Blood the other day I pondered across my list of the greatest films, I have yet to see.  I have not seen many of the classics that came out in the 70’s and 80’s and it is sort of embarrassing.  So let me know what films you haven’t seen yet that you feel like you should.  Here are just a few of mine (wink wink Erich)

  • Sunset Blvd.– This is a classic film that is referenced in The Disaster Artist several times
  • Silence of the Lambs- Anthony Hopkins is legendary in this, and I have yet to see it
  • Chinatown- Jack Nicholson and Roman Polanski… yup
  • Fargo- I hate the Cohen’s, but feel like I might enjoy this one
  • Monster- A showcase of great performances
  • The Cruise– I know this isn’t considered great, but I hear such amazing things, but it is just difficult to find.

Let me know what you think about my list and what you think you need to see before it is too late in the comment section or @_crawdadman

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