Game of Thrones Reaction: Season 7 Episode 3: The Queen’s Justice

(Spoilers for Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 3 “The Queen’s Justice” follow)

Okay so if every single episode is just gonna one up the previous one each week, I don’t know if I can take it. The third episode of Game of Thrones 7th season was absolutely jam packed and there was not one scene here that didn’t feel needed. This was an absolutely killer of an episode for The Targaryen clan as Cersei really won this episode. Euron Greyjoy returned with his “gifts” and definitely gained some points and definitely did a good job pissing off Jaime. Before I get to the really only positive thing in this episode, let me just say that The Sand Snakes had a very good go but seeing Ellaria Sand watch Cersei poison her last remaining daughter in the same vein as Ellaria did to Myrcella Lannister in season 5 was an absolutely tragic scene. Myrcella was an innocent character that tragically got caught up in the casualties of war but the way Cersei went about this was downright despicable. She really is one of the most ruthless and villainess characters ever put to screen and this scene was fantastic. I could see this being used as the scene they play at the Emmy’s when the best actress nominees are being shown because Lena Headey is just that good in this scene and honestly in this entire episode.

dany 2

RIP to Olenna Tyrell, the baddest MF in the entire Westeros. There was always a theory about Olenna being the one behind the poisoning of Joffery and all signs pointed to it, but hearing her say it was oh so glorious. It sucks that she couldn’t say it straight to Cersei and it had to be Jaime. I love Jamie and the fact he treated Olenna to a peaceful poisonous death was beautiful… until we hear Olenna’s confession. I really thought he was gonna stab her but his character has come so far to be able to walk out of that room. The juxtaposition of poison being the thing that kills Olenna too was so brilliant. I can’t boast enough about how brilliant this episode was and how unpredictable everything was.


Seeing Jorah greyscale free was such an awesome sight and I really hope the show doesn’t retract this and make the disease come back. Worse than that, I hope that Sam doesn’t get the disease after shaking his hand goodbye, although I don’t see that happening. The one scene we had in Winterfell was an awesome one as Bran, emotionless and stoic as ever, finally reunited with Sansa and it only means we’re one step closer to the inevitable Jon and Bran reunion which means Jon can learn his true heritage!


Speaking of Jon’s heritage, Jon and Dany have finally met and it didn’t start out as well as I hoped. Jon of course, refused to bend the knee as we all thought he would and Dany did not like that one bit. Seeing Jon and Tyrion interact again after not seeing each other for 6 seasons was amazing and Tyrion had a lot of really comedic lines, finally having more than a scenes worth of screen time this season. Tyrion used his charismatic and charming ways to get Dany to allow Jon to start to create weapons out of the Dragonstone. I actually have heard rumblings of a fan theory about Dany using the dragons to burn Jon and then his true heritage would be revealed. Now while that didn’t take place in this episode like many thought it would, Dany picking up on Sir Davos accidentally saying Jon took a knife in a heart may tempt her to test Jon. For now however, Jon and Dany have the early stages of a partnership brewing and I couldn’t be happier. Finally, Varys and Melissandre had a very interesting conversation and Melisandre’s final line hints at a potential end to the character of Varys, “I have to die in this strange country, just like you”. This season is honestly perfect so far with all these character interactions that have been years in the making finally happening, it’s only a matter of time before one of these interactions turns deadly. Also, Greyworm is probably going to bite it next episode so here’s a future RIP to one of the best and most genuine characters on the series.


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