Best TV Theme songs

I have been watching entourage the past couple of nights because I always forget just how good that show is.  It’s so much more than a bro cultured look at Hollywood.  The writing and fun cameos and heart all make it a legendary show.  But what else helps is its kick ass theme.  While it isn’t making my cut of top 5 all time themes, it’s still worth the listen 

5. Friends

I hate this show a lot and think it’s super overrated and nostalgia has gotten the best of the show.  The theme however is killer.  Super catchy and singable.  You know your clapping when this comes on

4. All In The Family

There isn’t a better theme that encompasses what the show is about better than All in the Family.  It’s the perfect song for this show and prepares new watchers what they are in store for.  The voice is legendary and it makes me want to learn piano

3. M*A*S*H

With this, no words are needed.  Just the helicopter sounds and orchestral vibe to make you miss home.  

2. Cheers

Probably the greatest and most recognizable theme.  T makes me want to sit down with a cold one and listen to my favorite television pals talk about nonsense

1. Growing Pains

This will forever and always be my favorite TV theme.  It’s got the right amount of real song to it that makes you look for a full version.  I will sing this in the shower, grocery shopping, at the beach; you name it, I’m probably singing this theme (and yes both female and male parts).  Also Alan Thicke wrote this making it that much better.
I obviously left a lot off, so let me know what I missed and where I went wrong either in the comments or at my twitter account @_crawdadman

One thought on “Best TV Theme songs

  1. I would like to give you a pass on missing some of the best theme songs but I won’t because I think I did a great job introducing you to TV and music and I am shocked at the list quite frankly.

    There are two theme songs not on your list. The are THE most catchy of them all! “The Jeffersons” and “The Flintstones”. I can’t understand how these are missing from the list. EVERYONE should know the words.

    The theme songs to the Brady Bunch, Green Acres, Gilligan’s Island, The Andy Griffith Show, Laverne & Shirley needed to be on there way before Friends and Entourage. There are other good theme songs like Three’s Company, The Jetsons, The Beverly Hillbillies, The Addams Family and The Monkees. The list needs to be top 10. I will say that a lot of the disagreement is based on our generations. I would hate to think there are others your age that might not have ever seen the Addams Family or The Jeffersons. If there are, please don’t openly admit it in public.

    A problem with younger generations is that they will never know that TV shows actually had theme songs with lyrics. I would love to see them return. It really gets you into each episode. It’s just another thing from our past that got pushed to the wayside.

    I do like the idea of this list but it’s just too short.


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