Game of Thrones Reaction: Season 7 Episode 2: Stormborn

(Heavy spoilers for Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 2: Stormborn follow)


Wowsers! Okay so if you were like me and thought last weeks episode while good, was a lot of build-up and not too much happened, well you got your wishes this week. So much went down! Aside from the brilliant and epic fight scene to finish off the episode, there was a lot of dialogue and character revelations that hint at reunions us fans have been waiting on for seasons, even as far back as season 1. So much to talk about here!

Dany has begun her plan of attack, though she isn’t attacking King’s Landing, instead opting for a more calculated and cripping attack of the Lannister’s allies. She has sent out the Greyjoy fleet along with the Dornish fleet to take Casterly Rock (more on that later). Along with this, she uses Olenna Tyrell’s army and honestly has one hell of a support group to help her take the iron throne… though it’s not off to the hottest start (again, more on that later and yes that was absolutely a dragon pun). Melisandre arriving in Dragonstone was of course what had to happen for possibly the best thing that this episode brought us. Jon Snow is on his way to Dragonstone with Sir Davos after receiving a raven from Tyrion and the Queen of Dragons and the King of the North are finally going to meet after seven seasons! (Sidenote: a lot of people are shipping a Jon/Dany relationship and I think they forget he’s her nephew. I really don’t want this to go full Dexter on us.) While the whole Melisandre and Sir Davos reunion is sure to be exciting and potentially heartbreaking, I can’t wait for Dany and Jon to meet and hopefully unite and bring down Cersei and the White Walkers who I feel are going to reappear in a major way in the next episode or two.


Cersei wasn’t in the episode much save for one scene where she met with the other Lords and said she was working on a way to bring down Dany’s dragons. A way which involves really massive arrows and that doesn’t bode well. Jamie spoke to Sam Tarly’s dad, Lord Tarly and asked him to betray Olenna Tyrell who he has an oath of trust with. Sam is currently performing some gruesome surgery on Jorah that hopefully can help remove the grayscale and save Jorah’s life. Sam is honestly one of my favorite characters. The part when he gives Jorah the rum to help numb the pain and then takes it back to swig it was hilarious. His reaction to sipping it had me dying of laughter.


Some other things that happened were Jon threatened Littlefinger about touching Sansa. I really don’t trust Littlefinger. Everytime he is on screen, his snarky little smurk just screams ulterior motives. Speaking of Sansa, now that Jon is leaving for Dragonstone, Sansa is now the temporary Queen of the North. This scares me a little because I’m afraid that Jon will come back and either Littlefinger will get in Sansa’s head or the people might agree more with her very reserved stance on things. Arya is on her way back to Winterfell after learning from Hotpie that Jon won the Battle of the Bastards and is king. I am happy that Sansa and Arya will finally reunite except I really want a Jon and Arya reunion. Hopefully we get one before seasons end.

Now, back to that ending. My goodness how glorious and heartbreaking that fight scene was. As Yara and Elliaria are about to “begin a foreign invasion” as Elliaria puts it, Euron Greyjoy attacks Yara and Theon’s fleet and brutally slaughter’s them, taking Elliaria, Yara and one of the the sand snakes as prisoners to present to Cersei as a gift. As Theon was presented with an epic hero moment of saving the day, he literally jumps ship and leaves Yara in the hands of her crazy and psychotic uncle. Just as Theon’s character was beginning to take charge and change, he took a lot of steps back and I fear for the three prisoners as they head back to King’s Landing.


Next week’s episode should prove an exciting one as the preview after the episode confirms that Dany and Jon do in fact meet. What happens with the other plot threads is a mystery but I am excited to see what happens next. This season is off to one hell of a start and we’re only on episode 2!

I forgot to mention the greatest reunion of them all! Arya and Nymeria! If you don’t remember, Nymeria was sent away in episode 2 of the series after attacking Joffery, rightfully so. Arya asks Nymeria to come home to Winterfell with her and Nymeria walks away with his newly found brothers and sisters. A sad moment but also a beautiful one as Arya repeats the same line Ned said to her in Season 1, “That’s not you”, realizing that Nymeria belongs with wolves as opposed to living in Winterfell. An absolutely wonderful callback.

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