Begin Again

Begin Again was a film that I have been drawn to for a long time, as I am a sucker for musical type films. Movies like Inside Llewelyn Davis, Once and Sing Street are all films that I love and seeing a music based indy starring Mark Ruffalo, I am pissed I didn’t watch it earlier.  
Ruffalo plays a down on his luck record producer and talent scout when his wife decides to leave him and he gets fired from his own company. That’s when he finds Gretta played by Keira Knightley. The two partner up to make an album and help get their lives back on track.  

This movie isn’t going to win any awards. The original music is fine and the performances were passable. Adam Levine as the ex-boyfriend/rockstar was fun and he did surprisingly well. Catherine Keener was great too. This is one of those movies where I’ll put on when it’s a lazy Sunday and nothing else is on. I like to categorize these kinds of films as “laundry folding movies”. It’s perfect to do chores too because it doesn’t really matter if you miss anything.

Begin Again: 6.6/10

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