I Don’t Feel At Home In This World Anymore (2017) Review

Macon Blair is a fantastic actor. His lead performance in the amazing Blue Ruin, Jeremy Saulner’s bloody revenge thriller, is one of those underrated gems you don’t hear as often as you honestly should. Green Room, Saulner’s follow-up film to Blue Ruin has Blair in a lesser role but he still shines. I was excited to hear he was going to sit behind the camera instead of in front of it and make his directorial debut with  I Don’t Feel At Home In This World Anymore. This film, while not a perfect film, showcases some true potential for Blair as a director.


The film stars Melanie Lynskey as Beth, a nursing assistant who suffers a home invasion which leaves her startled and wanting to get back her stolen items. When the police prove to be no help, she enlists the help of her neighbor, Tony (Elijah Wood), a weird man who has a liking for ninja throwing stars. Together, these two embark on a hunt for the burglar and hopefully Beth’s missing items.


This film balances a unique tone of dark comedy and tension really well. The film is very neo-noir esque but a really silly crazy one. Think of it this way, if the Coen brothers and Jeremy Saulner blended together, you’d get this film. Blair clearly payed a lot of attention to Saulner because it could pass as one of his films if not for the humor.


Melanie Lynskey is great as Beth and something that made me really appreciate her character was how smart she was. Tony however was simply amazing. Elijah Wood is easily one of the most underrated actors working. I love everything he does and he is absolutely hilarious in this movie. He is my favorite part about this film.



I Don’t Feel At Home In This World Anymore isn’t perfect. It’s rare that debuts ever are. The film works best when it is a commentary on people and life in modern America. While it is interesting enough as a thriller, I feel it never fully commits to it. Macon Blair directs the film beautifully and I’d love for him to take on an action film because he has can direct action amazingly. The films on Netflix now so check it out if you enjoy darkly comical films.

Grade: B

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