Insomnia (2002)

Insomnia is a film that I had no clue existed until last week. I am pretty good at knowing a famous directors collection but this one completely missed me and I’ll probably forget in about a week as well.
Christopher Nolan is interesting because I haven’t seen most of his film’s but it’s just because they don’t really do anything for me. They are good movies, shot well and have great score, but that’s it. There hasn’t been a Nolan film (besides Inception) that I need to go back and rewatch. Hot take alert: The Dark Knight is the most overrated movie of all time. It’s seriously just okay. So getting this Nolan film, I didn’t know what I was getting.  
Seeing Pacino and Hillary Swank sharing a screen was great because I like both of those. The plot is interesting but I feel like they glide over some of the exposition and backstory and I had to read the Wikipedia page to understand what was going on. This is easily his least polished film. It seemed convoluted and filled with Deus Ex Machina that I couldn’t get past. The concept itself was neat, but I think a director like Denis Villanueve would kill this film.

I did love the scenery and set design.  I think Alaska is the most fascinating place on the planet and having this film set here during their month of sunshine was fantastic.  The old cabin was perfect and gave you the perfect amount of creeepiness and intrigue. 

All in all this movie was fine. I don’t have any serious qualms with it, but I do wish they would have made it more interesting. There was something off about this movie and I can’t put my finger on it.  

Insomnia: 7.2/10

Erich’s Next Movie: Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping

This is one of the absolute funniest films in this century. A perfect spoof on music documentaries and has some of the Lonely Island’s best songs.  

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