War for the Planet of the Apes

After watching all three of the new Planet of the Apes films in two weeks, I feel like I am adequately prepared to call this the best one of the series.  I am however hesitant to call it the best blockbuster of the summer because I feel like the story telling got a little lazy.  

War takes place several years after the last film and follows the last remaining humans in a last ditch effort to kill all of the Apes.  Woody Harrelson plays a mean son of a bitch called the Colonel and boy does he play it well.  He has no remorse, yet has reason for his decisions.  His actions affect his story arc in ways he doesn’t know, which is why he is a great bad guy.  Caesar returns as our simian superhero, leading the Ape population to its highest achievements yet.  His family is growing and things seem to be on the upward trend for Caesar until he meets the colonel who is hell bent on destroying him.  

This film has an amazing score and really helps move along the scenes.  It reminds me of how amazing Jurassic Park’s score was when it first came out.  The CGI of course is state of the art.  Most times when I watch Maurice on screen, I don’t even realize he’s not a real orangutan.  They somehow step up their SFX work with every movie and I’m not convinced some of the Apes aren’t real.   Andy Serkis really should get nominated for best actor this winter because he has done something that no one has before.  He transformed into this role and made you feel and sympathize with Caesar with every decision made.  A truly remarkable performance.

My downfall with this film is the lazy script which was no issue before.  This film is littered with Deus Ex Machina and crazy failsafes that aren’t fitting of the rest of the narrative.  Take away analyzing things and you have a great film, but this movie is so much more special than that.  It deserves to be critiqued so when there are scenes like an underground tunnel and guards not guarding things properly, it let me down.  With everything this trilogy has done for making it a legitimate film and not some sci-fi one-off, this installment had moments where it felt generic.  

I will definetly be seeing this movie again and cannot wait to purchase the blu Ray so I can watch extras.  It’s that good folks.  Check it out while you can in theaters because it deserves it.  
War for the Planet of the Apes: 9.3/10

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