Game of Thrones Reaction: Season 7 Episode 1: Dragonstone

After a long year, WINTER IS HERE! Game of Thrones is back and Sundays just got a lot more exciting. Instead of reviewing every individual episode, I figured I’d just give my thoughts and predictions for what I thinks going to come after each episode. As you already probably guess however, a SPOILER WARNING is in order for the season 7 premiere so let’s get to it!

After last seasons breathtaking and masterpiece of a finale, I didn’t know how this season was going to open up and I guess it’s understandable they had a less actiony premiere to set-up the new season. However we still got some highlight moments especially in the cold open. The finale last year had Arya extracting her revenge on Walter Frey for the Red Wedding Massacre back in Season 3. To start off this episode, Walter Frey looked alive and well (although I knew it was Arya wearing his face the whole time as it was pretty obvious which isn’t bad of course). Then came another obligatory Arya Stark badass moment. She poisoned every single one of Frey’s men and fully extracted her revenge on the Frey’s. This was the perfect opening to the show and the most “actiony” moment of the premiere. Following the opening credits, we see the army of White Walkers moving forward and I don’t only if I’m the only one who noticed this but the giant that walked past the camera resembled a specific giant whose vocabulary consisted of the word Hodor. 

Back in Winterfell, Jon Snow has begun his preparation for the arrival of the white walkers. While this didn’t necessarily move along the plot too much, I did notice some tension starting to brew between Sansa and Jon. Quick side note: Lady Mormont is my favorite person on this show and the way she talks down to men quadruple her age is the greatest thing on TV right now. Back to Jon and Sansa, Sansa has this Cersei like presence about her and I fear that her lust for the throne is going to begin to turn her into a more villainous character. Jon and her are having trouble seeing eye to eye and eventually I think she’s going to have enough of Jon’s more standard and traditional way of acting as king of Winterfell. Littlefinger being there does not help the situation either as he is feeding these thoughts into Sansa’s head without even saying a word. Also, Pete, Sansa is way too young for you, stop creeping on her. 

Kings Landing saw Euron Greyjoy, uncle of Theon and Yara arrive become allies of the Lannister army. However, there was some tension between him and Jamie as his goal is to marry Cersei and rule with her. Cersei denied but knowing Euron, he left to find something that would help persuade her otherwise so I’m curious to see what that is. Also, Cersei is looking to crush her enemies who don’t look to accept her as the queen of Westeros.

Sam, working as basically the janitor version of maesters, is growing tired of not having access to the area he needs in the grand library so he can learn about how to defeat the white walkers. We see all this in an absolutely hilarious quickcut montage of his daily life and what that consists of (mainly a lot of cleaning up poop and almost vomiting). Sam going all rebellious of course learns that Dragonstone, the Targaryen’s former home is sitting on a mountain of Dragons glass, the only thing to kill those walkers. Which finally brings us to Dany, who was noticeably absent the whole episode. Her and the fleet of ships she inhabited from Theon and Yara arrived at Dragonstone and when she arrives in the room we saw Stannis Baratheon so much in when he had this castle to himself, she says “Shall we begin?”. The opening and ending to the episode were my favorite parts of the episode as it really got me ready for a season that is going to really destroy me emotionally, I can feel it.

Some smaller moments but still very teasing of more to come include a rather brief but creepy appearance of Jorah Mormant who while we only see his arm, looks like he’s started to fully be effected with the grayscale plague and could prove a problem for Khalessi if he escapes the citadel. My biggest question is how did he end up in the Citadel and what could this mean? Also the hound was shown the god of light’s vision in a flame and ended up back in the house him and Arya were staying in earlier in the series when they were together. A very heartfelt and tragic moment when he felt guilt for killing the young girl and her father who lived there was a great character building moment and it was nice to see him and Thoros burying the bodies. Bran arrived at Castle Black and of course with the Stark luck, Jon has since left so it looks like Bran will most likely be doing some more traveling. Of course, I have to at least mention the very awesome Ed Sheeran cameo where he lowkey just steals the entire episode with by singing a song that should be made available on iTunes this instant! 

I have a few other predictions for this season based on the episode. I think that one of the Lannister’s is going to bite it this season and Tyrion feels a lot more safe to me because of him being with Dany and also his true heritage not being revealed yet since I believe he’s actually half Targaryen due to the mad king being obsessed with Joanna, Tyrion’s mother. That would explain Tywin’s hatred of him and disgust because he’s not actually his child. But back to my theory I think Cersei dying before series end is kind of a gimme at this point, I don’t think she will this early but who knows with this show. My money is on Arya killing Jamie which would actually be a tragic end to his character as he’s become more so a protagonist and I really enjoy his character. The show could actually knock off both Jamie and Cersei and this season marks the end of the Lannister’s reign in King’s Landing and Season 8 is entirely about the battle against the White Walkers. That would be one hell of a curveball. People are gonna die this season though and I don’t know who besides the two I mentioned are the ones that could as it’s too early to tell so we’ll have to wait to see until next week to get a further idea and who knows, maybe someone dies next week and the whole season turns upside down very quick. I’m very excited for this season and think it’s gonna be the craziest and most epic yet! Shall we begin? 

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