Why Friends from College could be the savior sitcom

I grew up on the great American sitcoms.  Whether it be Cheers, Seinfeld, All in the Family or Happy Days and Laverne & Shirley, I’ve always had a soft spot for classic sitcoms.  However, the modern sitcom has been dulled down and turned into a cash grab of unfunny and easy jokes. I’m looking at you Modern Family, Big Bang Theory and pretty much every other CBS sitcom.  This year we have been lucky to get my genre back, with the likes of Superstore, The Good Place and Trial & Error, things are looking up.  So when Netflix dropped the entire first season of Friends from College, starring Keegan Michael-Key, Cobie Smulders and so many more, I was ecstatic.

I watched the first episode only (because the wifi in my hotel is terrible) and I can honestly say that it was great.  Had some awesome jokes, classic sitcom tropes and great relationships between all the cast members.  This is the first Netflix show that feels like a sitcom and I cannot wait to watch more.  I have seen some reviews that call this lack luster and straight up bad, but if you love sitcoms like I do, check this one out.  It has promise and I think if marketed well, it could restore balance to this once great American treasure.


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