Blu-Ray Review: The Fate of the Furious (2017)

The eighth installment to the hit Fast and Furious franchise, The Fate of the Furious, has arrived on Blu-Ray and while I have already reviewed the actual film, link to that here, I took a look through the Blu-Ray and it’s features and can finally sit down and review it.



Universal always hits it out of the park with their new releases and this is no different. The brightness and color in this package is beautiful. Each explosion and car chase looks great. The opening race in Havana looks so orange and sunny, the icy finale set-piece is extremely well detailed and textured as the film becomes a little more white and gray to match the snowy setting. I have no complaints with the video aspect as with every F&F Blu-Ray release, it’s top notch.



As with the video, the audio here is again top-notch. I watched the film with my surround sound and the film rumbles. Each punch smacks with aggression, especially in the prison fight sequence. The film is really well mixed and the audio track shows as it would move around to each speaker throughout my set-up with ease. I didn’t find any issues with the film as the dialogue was always audible even during a huge crash or explosion. Bravo again to Universal!


Extra Features:

This is where the Blu-Ray starts to falter for me. First, before I delve into anything else, Universal gives us an extended edition of the film with this release with a really annoying twist. The only way to watch that version is through your Vudu account with the Digital HD version of the film. This is an extremely dumb and annoying thing that I don’t see taking off because why would I drop $20 on a Blu-Ray for a digital version of the film. Each other release has the extended version included on it’s disc so this one sticks out like a sore thumb. So I can’t say anything about the extended version of the film or what it adds because I didn’t watch that. I will at some point but I really am not a fan of this. The features do include some really cool behind the scenes featurettes about certain sequences in the film and it’s always cool to see how the crew crafts these insane and awesome action scenes in this franchise. There’s also two extended fight scenes from the film with a couple more seconds of action but it’s nothing mind-blowingly different that I don’t see why it wasn’t in the film in the first place. Something missing from the release is the post-credits scene that hinted at a Hobbs/Shaw spinoff film that Dwayne Johnson said was cut right before release and would show up on the Blu-Ray. Well, I was hoping to find it here but it isn’t on here. The features are kind of lacking on this release.



The Fate of the Furious‘ Blu-Ray release looks and sounds great which is of course the most important thing when buying a home video version of a film. I own every other entry in the series and this one fits in nicely besides it’s slight lack of special features and it’s annoying way of including the director’s cut version of the film. I think fan’s of the franchise will enjoy picking this one up but if you’re looking for certain things you were hoping for certain things to be included on this release, you may be disappointed.

Grade: B

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