Joshy (2016) Review

Joshy tells the story of four friends away on a weekend Bachelor party getaway or at least that’s what the basic premise of the film is. Even saying that is not really the true premise as the film right from the beginning shows you it’s not that kind of film in probably one of the most shocking opening scenes I’ve seen in a film to date. To explain best explain this film, think of The Hangover but a more depressing and serious version of it. Joshy involves friends helping their friend getting over a traumatic experience, yet it slowly brings out each of their own emotional issues, making for a darkly funny and heart wrenching film about how guys deal with emotional issues, particularly their peers.

josh drink.jpg

Something this film does extremely well is feel real. Not once did I feel like any of this stuff couldn’t happen. The thing that really connected with me personally was the drunk conversations that the characters would have. I’m gonna be honest and say that I myself have found myself spewing some of the things they said. It was so real and that was due to the wonderful performances across the board. Adam Pally as Ari was that cool and calm friend but the way Pally played this character and how you could tell he was fighting something inside him once he met the wonderful and fun Jodi (Jenny Slate) was just brilliant. Nick Kroll as the lovable, crazy and fun Eric (cool name right?) was my favorite character and not just because we have similar names. I honestly saw myself in this character and you couldn’t help but like the guy even if he wasn’t maybe the greatest guy in the world, he still had his heart in the right place. Thomas Middleditch as Joshy however really shines as this man is dealing with the worst thing imaginable, I don’t want to spoil it as not knowing is all the more mind-blowing. Middleditch constantly emotes a blankness but the kind where he’s going along with the party until he’s had enough drinks to start to strip away the armor. Truly great acting.


Joshy isn’t the greatest film ever but it never has a dull moment. The acting is fantastic and the opening scene was brilliant and shocking. The film feels so real that any guy can take either one of this characters and find something in them that is extremely relatable. The film is on HULU now so I suggest checking it out!


Grade: B


Kyle’s Next Movie:

Insomnia (2002)


Whenever you think of Christopher Nolan, this film is almost always forgotten and I can’t fathom why. Dunkirk, one of my most anticipated movies of the year, releases next week so I thought that this film would be a perfect swap. It’s a really smart and interesting crime film and while it’s Nolan’s most “conventional”, that doesn’t take away from how fantastic it is. Al Pacino is dynamic in this film as always but there’s someone else who shines in this film even more and seeing that Kyle hopefully doesn’t know who that may be I’m going to not say it. Enjoy!

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