Crazy, Stupid, Love

Crazy, Stupid, Love is a Romanti-comedy that came out in the summer of 2011 and was a bonafide hit at the box office.  Taking in over 140 million dollars.  This film is so much more than just a successful rom-com, this film has heart and a brain.  You know this is basically the Wizard of Oz because it has courage too.


So this movie is all about falling in or out of love so it’s heart not to find a central theme of love.  What really helps this film is the authenticity of its relationships between everyone.  Obviously Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling feel real and is like watching a real life couple on film but even Stone and the wonderful Josh Groban had this great sense of what their role was.  Julianne Moore put another great performance in when there was no need.  This seems like just a silly rom-com from the outside but she really puts everything into this one and really solidified herself as an all time great.


This movie is smart.  It avoids a lot of typical movie tropes and even calls out its on cliches.  It is aware of the films that preceded it and makes sure not to make the same boring choices and is able to stand out over time.  There is a reason I wanted to watch this over a movie like He’s Not That Into You.  There was always a sense of realism to it and tells a story that felt real.  People get divorced all the time, but telling a story that tells several sides of a divorce is hard.  This film did all of that well


Crazy, Stupid, Love wasn’t afraid to take chances.  They had a twist that while you could have predicted, was handled well and presented at the perfect time.  Looking back there were actually two twists and the first was my favorite because we got to see a crazy Marisa Tomei.  Besides twists, this movie had faith in itself that it could be different and it worked.  
Crazy, Stupid, Love: 8.4/10

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