The Pill

The Pill is a small independent film by JC Khoury.  While being filled with cliches and inconsistent character traits, I enjoyed this movie.  

Taking place in NYC, Fred and Mindy have a one night stand leading to a pregnancy scare.  Fred tries to convince Mindy to take emergency contraception but she refuses after giving several inconsistent reasons as to why (she knows her body, she is catholic).  Her lying is only brought up once until she calls Fred out for lying for, albeit some bigger things.  This bothered me the whole time because Mindy put Fred in situations where he was trapped from her lying.  His lying shouldn’t have affected her so much.  

The one thing I really did enjoy about this was how nice and intimate the cinematography was.  Everything felt like you were sharing the moment between the cast, but did the impressive thing by  it making you feel chlosterphobic.  A lot Films that want to show intimacy tend to also get to tight and lose focus on the shot itself.  
The Pill was a great take on a day after a random hook up and with some more character development and careful notice to the script, I think this could have been a lot more successful than just a random Netflix movie. 

The Pill: 6.2/10

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