Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017) Dual Review

Before we get into the review or reviews that is, you probably notice the title says dual review. Well, that’s due to both Kyle and Erich are doing something very different. Seeing that Kyle and Erich both happened to see Spider-Man: Homecoming on opening night and both felt that it would be unfair if only one of us got to review this as we’re both huge Spider-Man fans. So without further ado here’s Erich’s review!

Spider-Man: Homecoming (Erich’s Review)


When Spider-Man was first introduced in the MCU in last year’s Captain America: Civil War, I was clamoring for Spider-Man’s first MCU solo outing. I love Spider-Man. The video games, the comics and the films, well two and a half of them. Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2 are two of my all time favorite films. I remember seeing Spider-Man in theaters back in 2002 and immediately falling in love with it. The past few Spidey films, particularly the last film, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, have been extremely disappointing. That film just frustrates me because well it’s a wasted and failed attempt at a different kind of Spider-Man. So I was cautiously optimistic after seeing his brief but show-stealing role in Civil War and after finally seeing the film, I’m happy to report that we finally have the third great Spider-Man film we’ve been waiting for. Spider-Man: Homecoming was the perfect representation of the Spidey we know from the comics and taking the route of a true high-school film with actual high-school elements was exactly what I’ve wanted in a Spider-Man film ever since even 2002. This film absolutely rules!


Homecoming picks up after the events of Civil War and Peter Parker/Spider-Man (Tom Holland) is waiting on his next Avengers related assignment. He’s been taking care of small town crooks and incidents but is looking for that next big mission. When it comes in the form of a winged man named Adrian Toomes (Michael Keaton) or as known in the comics, The Vulture, Peter finds that he maybe should of rethought his issues as Toomes and his team may be a lot for him to handle. As he tries to impress Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr), he begins to learn that juggling being a hero and a sophomore in high school is a lot harder than he thought it would be.


Tom Holland is Spider-Man. As much as I absolutely love Tobey Maguire and his portrayal in the original trilogy, Holland is the best Spider-Man ever. He’s so likable, dorky, funny, smart and so naive, everything I want from my Spidey. This version is a rookieish Spider-Man that is still getting ahold on the whole hero thing and Holland plays it brilliantly. With every great hero, you need a great villain which is something Marvel struggled with until Phase 3 besides Loki. Zemo, Ego and now Toomes AKA the best MCU villain (yes, more so than Loki). Michael Keaton is one of my favorite actors and he absolutely kills it as the bad guy. He has that Keaton charm but comes off so menacing when he needs to be that I was conflicted about how much I both liked and was terrified of him. The film does something that most films forget to do and that’s flesh out the villain! His backstory is honestly really interesting and you understand his motives and he’s such a smart guy. Also, there’s a bit of a reveal that literally took me off guard and made the whole third act that more tense. Jacob Batalon damn near steals the show as Ned, Peter’s best friend. Every high school movie has that best friend you fall in love with and this is no different. He was so charismatic and lovable and has some of the film’s funniest lines. There’s so many different cast members but just know they all give wonderful performances and there’s some surprises about certain characters that show up that I don’t want to ruin here.


The film felt very small scale with a lot of the problems Peter faced involving high school life, something that until now hasn’t really worked as great on the cinematic side. It felt like actual high school issues and not a filmafied version. Also, I’m glad Tony Stark and Iron Man weren’t featured heavily as it seemed the trailers intended he would be. When he did show up, it felt perfect and added so much to the plot.


The score by Michael Giacchino is absolutely brilliant. I love all of Giacchino’s work and when the Marvel Studios logo came on and the fanfare was the actual Spider-Man logo, I actually cried a little. He adds so much to each scene especially the action scenes which are so well done and fun. The film has some truly awesome action set-pieces and has yet another phase three third act that again is just as great as the preceding two. Marvel seems to be fixing their third act issue with this third phase.


Spider-Man: Homecoming is the best Spidey film we’ve had in years. It also may be my favorite MCU film and is neck and neck with Spider-Man 2 as the best Spider-Man movie ever with Spider-Man 2 just edging it out because that movie is perfect. The cast is great, Tom Holland is Spider-Man, Michael Keaton gives the best villain performance in the MCU to date and the high school element surprisingly was the best part of the film. After a few disappointments, Spider-Man is finally back and better than ever in the MCU where he rightfully belongs!

Grade: A


Spider-Man: Homecoming (Kyle’s Review)


Spider-Man Homecoming is THE best superhero film to come out since Spider-Man 2 which is highly regarded as the number one superhero film ever. What made this film so special to me is the way the rolled all of the era’s of Spider-Man into one Peter Parker role.

This is the first time that “Parker Luck” has been shown in an accurate way. The original film in 2002 displayed this, but it was so over the top at times it made it unbelievable. This was so sewn into his life that it made sense and moved the plot along. It wasn’t just him being late to class, it was the fact that his back pack was stolen at least 5 times leading to getting home in normal clothes more difficult.

My favorite part of this film however was that Michael Keaton’s Vulture, was intelligent. He wasn’t an idiot and was able to figure things out. His downfall wasn’t that he was too smart either, it was that he was too greedy which is a perfect flaw for a criminal and super villain. Michael Keaton was the greatest Spider-Man super villain (it might be a tie with Green Goblin), and he showed no remorse. I really hope we get to see him again because everything he did made sense.

The two post credit scenes might have been the all time worst. There was nothing special about them and Captain America’s was so snobby about patience that it made me hate it even more. What would have been great was if they did the whole “patience is a virtue” bit and then revealed something huge. We all know that Spidey will be back for another movie. The film was done so well and will make money that of course there will be a sequel. That’s not shocking or revealing or worth waiting at all.

Finally I think what helped make this movie be so good was it’s supporting cast. Jon Favreau as a returning Happy Hogan was so much fun to see because Favreau doesn’t act as much as he used to and I really like him. Hannibal Burress was hilarious and furthering cementing his legendary status as the two scene cameo star. Marisa Tomei was perfect as Aunt May. They played up the fact that she is an attractive older woman and it’s something Peter is just used to at this point. So subtle, yet so perfect. However, the all time best supporting role in here was none other that Donald Glover. He played quite possibly my favorite superhero of all time Miles Morales’ uncle. My dream for the new Spidey Films was to have him play Miles but he might be a tad too old to play a 12 year old. Having him connected makes me that much happier and it’s close enough.

Spider-Man: Homecoming was the best marvel film I’ve seen in a long time and I will be seeing it again for sure.

Spider-Man Homecoming: 9.3/10

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