Room 104 Preview

Room 104 is HBO’s newest drama created by the Duplass brothers and will premiere on July 28th at 10PM.  NOt much is known about the premise of the besides that it will take place in one hotel room and it will be an anthology series.

I love that Jay and Mark aren’t afraid to do something completely out of their comfort zone to provide great content.  I am also a fan that this will mean that they will be able to branch out into different styles of storytelling and take risks.  From what i gathered from the trailer which you can watch above, it seems that Room 104 has mysterious powers that may or may not include time travel.  If we get a Kubrick style series from the Duplass’, I might never need another television program again.  Imagine combining the Duplass’ skill of emotion and heartfelt stories with Kubrick’s maniacal detail to his plots. Do I hear the academy calling?


The episode to keep your eye on will be episode 2 entitled Pizza Boy and will be written by Mark Duplass, but directed by Patrick Brice.  If you aren’t familiar with that name, that’s okay, but you should.  Patrick Brice and Mark Duplass worked on this decades best horror indie film of the past decade in Creep.  I am very excited to see what they do next before Creep 2 comes out.  If you haven’t see Creep, please go watch it on Netflix.  It is a mere 80 minutes long and will absolutely terrify you and break your heart.  Mark is absolutely terrifying and creepy, it is worth it.

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