A Few Good Men

Happy Fourth of July everyone!  I decided to watch a military movie in honor of the holiday and I wanted to find one that I haven’t seen in so long it is basically a fresh viewing.

First of all this is one of Rob Reiner’s best movies.  He is truly amazing as a filmmaker as he has proven that he is able to dominate all genres.  Whether it be comedy, drama or romance; Rob Reiner has put out great films.  Also as good as Jack Nicholson was in his award nominated performance, Tom Cruise, Kevin Pollak, Kevin Bacon and Demi Moore were just as good.  Pulling out legendary performances that are still quoted to this day, there truly wasn’t a weak link in this film.


This movie was adapted from Aaron Sorkin’s stage play of the same name.  I am a huge Sorkin fan including his projects that weren’t as well-received.  He has a way with creating dialogue that is remarkable.  He is able to create plot lines without showing it which really helps when writing a play because it is not as easy to show a suicide by gunfire on stage as it is on film with special effects and the ability to edit.  Reiner was able to add this scene in because he had the means to do so, and did it in a beautiful fashion.  It really shook me and got the point across that this is so much more that a trial about following orders.

A Few Good Men: 8.9/10



With that, I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday and enjoy your time, whether you are with family, friends or even at work.  This is America and we are lucky to be here, so cherish your time and give thanks.

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