50 Greatest Indy’s | 40. The Descent

The second straight British film in this series, doesn’t even feel like it is British.  It is a truly wonderful horror film that seems to know its role.e  They aren’t reinventing the wheel here.  Stories like this have been done time and time again.  The hardest part with films like this are whether the cast has chemistry where it feels like they are working together to free themselves and have a sense of faith amongst one another.  I never truly bought into this cast.

This was a weird one for filmsite to include in their list.  This doesn’t seem like a big and inspiring film.  It isn’t genre changing and hasn’t led to anyone in the film itself into bigger roles.  It just seems like an average horror that gets released here in the states every summer.  There is nothing fascinating to this.  It doesn’t have anything that will make me tell people that they need to see this.  To be honest, I probably won’t even recommend this to people asking for suggestions.  This movie came and went like the seasons.

My negative remarks seem harsh.  I get it; it’s a fine film.  The shots look great and there are some legitimately scary parts that do not rely solely on jump scares.  That is hard to do now a days.  My problem is that this movie shares a list with horrors such as Blair Witch Project, Nosferatu and Eraserhead.  This should not be anywhere near called a “great independent film” and the fact that it is taking the spot of something more deserving pisses me off.  This film lacks a certain aura around it, and for that, I renounce this film.

The Descent: 6.5/10 regular HOWEVA for this series, A SERIES CHRONICLING THE GREATEST INDEPENDENT FILMS OF ALL TIME, it gets a


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