Interstellar (2014) Review

Finishing off my Christopher Nolan marathon before his newest film, Dunkirk, hits theaters next month, I’ve arrived at his space epic, Interstellar. I remember seeing this for the first time in IMAX in theaters and really enjoying it. I was very excited to rewatch and while it’s not perfect, it comes damn near close to being perfect. I always love to get swept up in this world as I’m a big fan of space themed movies as they have this unique balance of being both beautiful and terrifying at the same time. This movie just sucks me in as I feel like I am going on this journey with this space crew.


Interstellar takes place in a not so distant future where the crops have died and food is becoming scarce. The earth is slowly dying and the human race needs another planet to live on in order to continue to survive. Cooper (Matthew McConaughey) is a former NASA pilot who is sent up with a team to search for a new home for the human race. The ultimate sacrifice he makes for his children, Tom (Timothée Chalamet) and Murphy or Murph (Mackenzie Foy), as he will miss multiple years of their lives on this interstellar journey. Anymore said will just spoil the beautiful and gut-wrenching surprises this film holds.


Matthew McConaughey is fantastic as Coop. You see the love he holds for his children as he does everything he can for them. Anne Hathaway as Dr.Brand, a member of Coop’s team is also really fantastic. A woman who at first seems very closed off and emotionless and then the more you learn about the character, the more you see how much she has lost. Jessica Chastain as older Murph damn near steals the show. She was snubbed at the 2015 Academy Awards as she honestly should of been a lock for best supporting actress.


The effects are breathtaking in this film. Each moment these characters are seen in space, the more in awe I am with just how realistic this film looks. The scenes that take place on the various other planets are so beautiful and unique that you feel like you’re transported each time they arrive on a new planet. Christopher Nolan directs each scene with awe and beauty and makes each moment feel truly epic.


While I really like this movie, there is one issue and it is the last ten minutes. While I don’t mind them and actually think it wraps the film up nicely, I wish instead they cut it out and just end the film with the previous scene. I feel that if they went that route, it would of been such a tragic and mind-blowing ending. It’s that one moment that really holds the film back from being perfect.


Interstellar while not perfect, is still a grandiose space epic that asks a lot of questions and creates thought, something I’ll always welcome. The effects alone are enough to warrant a watch and I believe this is another notch in Christopher Nolan’s fantastic filmography. Dunkirk, here I come!

Grade: A

Up Next: Dunkirk (2017)

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