Big Brother 19 Cast Breakdown

The summer is officially here, which means Big Brother is back for its 19th (!!!) season.  This is one of my all time favorite shows so After every Thursday episode I will give my thoughts on the cast and where they are in the house.

Tier 1

Mark- Mark has aligned himself with the two strongest men in the house and they all have good qualities between them.  On his own, Mark isn’t a huge threat past week 10 or so, but putting him with Cody will take him further than he ever could have been

Cody- The second alliance member with Mark, he has won two straight competitions and is a legit psychopath and I love it.  He is a stone cold killer and is going to do a lot of dirty work with no remorse

Matt- The final piece of Cody’s alliance is the the perfect fit.  He seems like a flirt, which should help pulling female votes when needed.

Eleana- She seems to be the most well rounded female in the house.  Has a good social game and has aligned herself with some of the stronger players to make up for a sub-par physical game.  She seems funny and could be fun on the feeds

Tier 2

Paul- Returning Houseguest from BB18, Paul is seen as a threat, but I wouldn’t claim that just yet.  It took him a few weeks to find his footing in the house and this year I think he will let his ego get to the best of him, and fall quickly.  Expect this to be a faster return than Mike Boogie

Christmas- Christmas was teetering on the edge of tier 1 & 2 for me and ultimately the fact that she as nominated on the first night put her down here.  She is strong as hell and seems like she could sneak under some radars.

Kevin- Easily the most entertaining of the lot, he is a stay at home dad from Boston that thinks he is Vito Corleone.  Very entertaining, but the house doesn’t seem to like him, which is a shame.  He also won 25K which ain’t too shabby

Tier 3

Josh- I actually don’t mind Josh even after last night’s HOH competition.  He was actually a bit strange after calling out his fellow HG for no reason, but I think water will find its level and he turns out okay

Megan- She seems very normal and down to earth, but I get this vibe that she will be playing the victim card soon.  She could be a very fun player to watch and wouldn’t mind seeing her make a big run

Jessica- Not terrible, but nothing to put her higher than this

Tier 4

All of these people I cannot stand because they are super annoying so here is my rankings from best to worst.  I hope they all get out fairly soon

  1. Jason
  2. Dominique
  3. Raven
  4. Jillian
  5. Alex
  6. Ramses

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