Speed Racer

When I sat down to watch Speed Racer, I had no clue what to expect. I never watched the cartoon as a kid and never felt inclined to see the movie as well. After learning the Wachoski’s made this, I knew that it could be something I would enjoy.

For a kids action movie, Speed Racer has a pretty cool plot, one that has obvious holes and is over the top, but I think that is the purpose. This movie isn’t supposed to be mysterious. It’s a campy movie about fast cars and cool effects. If that was the goal, it succeeded. With that being said, I think the best parts of the movie are when they just let the CGI do it’s job. When the Wachoskis do an effect, you can expect it to be great.  

The performances here are odd, because they are playing into the Japanese cartoon style so everything is very quick and staccatoed. Almost as if an anime case to real life. John Goodman was great, and seeing Scott Porter made me want to go back and rewatch Friday Night Lights for the 49th time.

All in all Erich expected me to hate this movie and I didn’t. It was a little drawn out, but I can honestly say I was entertained throughout most of it.
Speed Racer: 7.6/10

Erich’s Next Movie: James White

This movie was pretty decent, had a good cast and an all around solid small Indy. I chose this because I just watched It Comes At Night, and James White also stars Christopher Abbott

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