50 Greatest Indy’s | 42. Swingers

John Favreau’s breakout hit (besides his legendary role in Rudy) is one of those films that define a generation.  This movie has been talked about as nausea  so I want to look at what makes this movie work and why so many young people are affected by it.


This movie is about two young and failing comedians and actors in LA.  While this describes the characters, it is just the influencing factors on their decisions.  This film is actually about looking for companionship.  Whether it be love or friendship, or even just singularly night relationships, our two main characters, portrayed by Jon Favreau and Vince Vaughn, need each other.  They need someone who they can be with.  It is what this movie is all about.  Favreau’s script really allowed men to have vulnerability and have insecurities.  Vince Vaughn is trying to coach him into being a stronger man, while supporting him emotionally.

This isn’t the episode I mentioned (I believe), but it is a fantastic episode if you love Kevin Smith, as I do.  Featuring a cast fresh off Daredevil, Colin Farrel, Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck are entertaining as hell

There is a great show hat came out in 2001 called Dinner for Five and it stars Jon Favreau as the host.  He invites four friends within the industry to talk and have a conversation over food and drinks.  In one episode he talks about the making of Swingers and how important it was to have Doug Liman come in to direct.  It was beneficial to have someone that can see the script in how it was supposed to be done, because Favreau himself didn’t think he was ready to direct.

Swingers: 8.4/10

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