The Princess Bride (1987) Review

I know what you’re thinking already. “Erich, how haven’t you seen The Princess Bride yet?” Well, it’s truly inconceivable that I haven’t because I absolutely loved this movie. From start to finish, this film was such a fun adventure ride that was a lot funnier than I expected it to be. This movie is one of the most unique comedies I’ve seen and it had me cracking up a lot. But what impressed me so much about this film was the sheer heart it had. It had me smiling the entire film.


The film revolves around farmer Westley (Cary Elwes) as he attempts to rescue his beloved Buttercup (Robin Wright). As he meets some colorful characters along the way, both villainous and ally alike, he looks to stop his love from marrying Prince Humperdinck (Chris Sarandon). All of this is told in framing story form as a grandfather (Peter Falk) is telling this story to his sick grandson (Fred Savage).

maxresdefault (4).jpg

Telling this story by way of a framed story was a brilliant idea. The way the film would cut out of the Princess Bride novel and back to the grandson’s room was so smart and added a ton of comedy to the film. That’s what was most surprising about the film. I had no idea this was a comedy. The one benefit of avoiding this film for so long means I’ve pretty much avoided any talk or spoilers about this movie so I literally went in blind and not knowing this was a comedy made for a pleasant surprise when I learned it was one. It completely bends the fairy tale genre on its head and makes for a unique take on the damsel in distress story.


The acting in the film was so well done. Cary Elwes had charisma out the wazoo. I loved it every time he was on screen. Robin Wright is well just fantastic and this I believe was her first film role and she knocked it out of the park as the damsel in distress character. Chris Sarandon made for a sneaky good villain who thought he was this great and powerful being but is really just a coward. The standout performance’s come in the form of the three “guns for hire” characters. Wallace Shawn as Vizzini was absolutely hilarious. “INCONCEIVABLE!” Now that I understand the importance and uniqueness of this film quote, I’m never gonna stop spouting it. Andre the Giant was such a lovable hulk as the giant Fezzik. He was a big man with an even bigger heart and I absolutely fell in love with his character. But, one of my new found favorite film characters is Inigo Montoya. Mandy Patinkin absolutely kills this role. I’ve heard the famous line “Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.” a ton of times before. But, now that I’ve met the character and seen this line used in the context of the story, it is a true cinematic quote gem. He is such a sly, caring and cool revenge seeking character that I couldn’t help but root for him the entire film. I love this character.


While the film is comedic in nature, the story still has something even the most action packed films sometimes forget to add into their films, heart. This film is oozing with heart in every scene and by the end, there’s genuine emotional beats that I found myself getting a pit in my stomach.


There’s not much else to say except Rob Reiner, you are amazing. This is a true cinematic gem. I can’t call it one of my favorite films because I only just saw it but I will certainly be watching it again very soon. I adored this film. The Princess Bride is a fantastic comedy, a fantastic fantasy, a fantastic adventure and oh boy, it is a fantastic film.

Grade: A


Kyle’s Next Film

Speed Racer (2008)


Finally, here it is Kyle. A film you had to have known you were getting sooner rather than later here on Silver Screen Swaps. To finish off my birthday themed month of some of my guilty pleasure/underrated films, I give you Speed Racer, the most underrated movie I’ve ever seen in my humble opinion. I’m pulling for you to like this one, maybe even love this one. It’s a film that I will understand if you dislike the film but the Wachowski’s did this classic Japanese manga the justice it deserved. Enjoy Kyle and Go Speed Go!

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