Tron: Legacy

Tron: Legacy is a movie that came and went for me back in 2010.  I never saw the original and never had any interest in it.  The most I knew about these movies was it was a futuristic sci-fi, video game movie.  All things that are not geared towards me.  So when Erich gave this to me, I wasn’t really happy.

This movie surprised me.  It wasn’t amazing, but it was far from awful.  It’s the perfect summertime movie, as it packs a good story with good action.  I also like that the fight scenes had to be different because of the setting.  They couldn’t be like a superhero fight or like a Vin Diesel showdown.  This movie had to be different from all the action movies, and I applaud that.

The performances were good as well.  Olivia Wilde and Garret Hedlund had great chemistry, but the best performance goes to the ever flamboyant, Michael Sheen.  He was very entertaining and I want a movie just about him.

The effects were fun and reminded me of the film I reviewed last month, Cube.  Everything was futuristic and very computer-esque.  Pretty much exactly what I would have imagined.  The Jeff Bridges CGI to make himself look younger was odd. It didn’t even look like what he looked like in the 80’s.  It was as if he wanted to change all his imperfections to make him look like he wish he did.  An old Jeff Bridges would have been way cooler (see Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2)

Erich told me if there was one thing I would like about this film, it would be the soundtrack, done by French DJ-duo Daft Punk.  I don’t know why he thought I would like it.  I didn’t.  I don’t get daft punk, they have never done anything that peaked my interest.  This is the same.  I did enjoy the score for the film, but anytime their songs were prominently featured, I was pulled out of the film.  It was like a scene sponsored by Daft Punk.

Tron: Legacy : 7.3/10

Erich’s next movie: Still Alice

What is the the saddest movie I’ve ever seen, Still Alice also has the greatest performance of an actress ever.  Julianne Moore takes you on a trip that you didn’t want to go down and this movie will make you hug your mother

One thought on “Tron: Legacy

  1. I love this movie. Saw 3 times i believe in the theater. Michael Sheen was amazing. Jeff Bridges was the man. I still listen to the score all the time. Just a great fun, pretty movie. Best movie ever made? No way. But a great flick to enjoy on a saturday afternoon. Just make sure to crank up the surround sound!


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