The Room

This review is brought to you courtesy of Francis Ford Coppola Winery. I drank a whole bottle of the Cabernet Sauvignon Directors edition. It comes in a bottle with an amazing label and I’ve been waiting to drink it for a special occasion, so why not when I watch this cinematic classic?

The Room is the definition of a classic. It truly defies all logic and gentes and has been able to stay relevant through all these years. Creating a movie is easy. It truly is; just take a look at most of my movies on the 50 Greatest Independent Movies series. Most of those movies had legit micro-budgets. There is no excuse for this movie being so terrible. Tommy Wiseau, the writer/director/actor/producer is the most polarizing man in hollywood for this. He doesn’t belong, but we love him anyways.

You’re tearing me apart!!!

There are so many things to talk about here. Whether it be the random subplots that never get brought back up, the random sex scenes (they reused one of them as if we wouldn’t notice), the over abundance of sex scenes as well. The first 15 minutes there are two intense sex scenes that make it feel like a cheap porn.

I think my biggest revelation last night though was that maybe this movie isn’t too bad. The B-Roll was actually not terrible and the cinematography, spare a few shots, is fairly well done. There is one scene that I thought I lost my contact at but that’s neither here nor there. All of that pales in comparison to the fact that I think I discovered a great theory to this movie.

Tommy Wiseau is from Poland and allegedly changed his name. He is a foreigner and no one is positive where he is from exactly. With this he looks at America differently. He looks at the typical American male as guys who hang out, talk about girls and toss the football around. It all seems so fabricated and fake and disingenuous because that’s how Tommy saw America growing up. He saw culture portraying the man provides for his family and wife, just as Johnny does for Lisa. He is the money maker, and it is his apartment. Johnny is the definitive Alpha Male stereotype. What makes Tommy an artist is his ability to take the stereotypes and classics dramatic tropes and turn them on its head… or so he wishes. He makes Johnny emotionally available and Lisa the cold hearted shrew. Classic role reversal. I applaud his effort and would like to see what Tommy could do in his native language.

All of this is no excuse for just how terrible a movie The Room actually is. The awful overdub and derivative plot lines are brutal. He acts as if his audience doesn’t know real life, like when Lisa throws the party and everyone goes outside, except the adulterers.  

Of course the ending is a classic Kyle ending. I did notice that his fake blood was terrible. Mine was so much better and I made it for like $2.00. Sign me up as practical effects specialist for the next Wiseau film.

Of course all of this will pale in comparison come this December when The Disaster Artist comes out. The Disaster Artist is an adaptation of Greg Sestero’s (Mark) best selling novel of the same name which chronicles the production of The Room and all of the ridiculous ongoings about Tommy himself. Directed by James Franco, he will also be portraying Tommy. The cast includes Josh Hutcherson, Alison Brie, Dave Franco, Hannibal Buress and so much more. Early reports are this could be a potential Best Picture nominee

Erich’s Next Movie: The Princess Bride

The Princess Bride is an all time great movie but suffers from a poor title. When I was younger I didn’t want to watch it because I assumed it was a girly movie, but it couldn’t be anything further from that. This is my all time favorite fantasy movie and Rob Reiner directs a gem here

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