50 Greatest Indy’s | 45. Mad Max

Mad Max was a movie I had seen several times before and had the pleasure of watching when it was on showtime last week.  I did not learn anything new on this watch, but did get to watch some of it with my dad, who also enjoys this movie.  

Mad Max is one of the most underrated action movies of all time as people tend to leave it off their list of greats.  I really enjoyed all three (or four) installments of this franchise, but the original takes the cake.  Mel Gibson shines as Max Rodanskty the star of the franchise.  He really plays an action hero well and we didn’t get to see much more of that role out of him. 

I think this movie had the best storyline of the three original movies and it really did a wonderful job of setting the scene and creating a world that you can believe in.  George Miller is such an eclectic director because he was able to create three amazing action movies to writing and directing Babe, a movie about talking pigs.

Director George Miller directing a motorcycle scene

What is interesting here is that this is considered independent and I don’t disagree.  I just never knew that Miller was able to do so much, with so little.  It’s hard to make a realistic action movie with a budget of $300K and working with technology from 1979.  That made me really appreciate how well this film was shot and cut together to make it last through time.  

Mad Max: 7.6/10

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