50 Greatest Indys | 46. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is one of the most quintessential horror films in history and is known for helping discover an entire genre and build on the foundations of horror films that preceded it.  It unfortunately does not hold up too well in 2017.  

This was one of the movies I was most excited for when I decided to choose this list.  I love horror films and I haven’t seen TTCM yet, even though I knew it was a must watch.  Imagine my disappointment when I sat down and watched and realized all the great moments happen in the first 20 minutes of the film.  The acting by the main characters is pretty awful.  I was hoping that it could be excused because of its small budget and the actors weren’t as experienced.  Maybe the plot and awesome effects would bolster up that glaring weak point?

Wrong again.  The plot was so dry and just full of excuses for people to get murdered.  There was no real motives for the victims and 3 of them got killed within the first 5 minutes of meeting Leatherface, the villain of the story.  With this we got some of the weakest visual effects I’ve ever seen.  Bloodfeast, which I reviewed last week as a part of this list, was made several years before on a cheaper budget and they had better all around effects.  There was really no excuse.  The Chainsaw murders were super weak because you didn’t really see them getting torn apart.  

Watching this made me realize how desensitized I am as a viewer.  I am not the worlds biggest horror fan, but I try to see all of the major releases when they come out. This lead to me being bored by the lack of things instead of focusing on the positives.  Erich texted me when I was watching this and I told him how dissapoitned I was.  He suggested that it was like Halloween where it isn’t great by today’s means but back then it was revolutionary.  I disagree because Halloween still holds up.  It has a masterful storyline and it’s pacing keeps you on edge the whole time.  

The best part about this movie was the character of The Hitchhiker.  His introduction was so absurd and creepy I was hoping that he would reappear again and I was ecstatic to see a zany and insane character like him.  He kind of looked like Adam Driver too.

This was the most disappointing and worst movie I’ve seen during this list watching series and I hope it’s the last.  Everything else on the list looks like home runs.  Getting through the first 7-8 movies was tough but I’m excited for the rest. 

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: 5.1/10

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