Night Owls

Night Owls was a movie that I have been interested in seeing since I came across it on Netflix. I am a movie viewer that will try and seek every movie from an actor I enjoy. In this case, I see an Adam Pally movie, and I will watch it.
This movie was about a one night stand gone bad after Adam Pally’s character Kevin sleeps with his bosses mistress, in his bosses house while he is out of town. After their ménage a trois Maddie attempts suicide in the bathroom. After Kevin saves her, they get to know one another. They share their lives with one another leading to soul searching on both parts.  

Films like this are special as they rely so much on pure dialogue and intense chemistry. If one of these components isn’t strong, the other will fall. It’s a balance beam and finding the right combination of both it’s difficult, but Night Owls does a good job of making the story believable.

This movie was not as funny as I would have expected with a cast featuring comedy improv stars, Adam Pally and Rob Huebel. It was very mysterious and almost felt like it could take a dark turn at any moment which kept me on the edge for the most part.
Night Owls: 7.6/10

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