Rock of Ages

I started of the Month of Erich with a fun little movie that didn’t hurt anyone; but maybe it should have.

I was born in the nineties, but should have been a child of the eighties for how I act, the movies I love and the music I listen to, including all of the songs used in this movie.  I was disappointed as to how weak everything was in this movie.  The story was so cookie cutter that there was nothing to draw me in besides that great music.  Russell Brand and Alec Baldwin were caricatures of the typical eighties club owner and it hurt to see them on the screen.


The whole storyline with Catherine Zeta-Jones and Bryan Cranston was so poorly conceived it seemed like the bloggers from Buzzfeed wrote this whole script.  There was an actual battle about profanity in music back then, but it was a lot more serious than depicted.  It included actual court hearings and not just a mayor getting spanked in a church to Joan Jett.  If I was Bryan Cranston I would want to be cut out of that film, nay I shan’t give it credit as a film, movie.

Tom Cruise saved this movie.  There is no reason he should have been as good as he was in this movie and he killed it.  Between his singing (which wasn’t even that good, everyone else was that bad), and over the top acting it somehow worked.  It goes to show that no matter how crazy you are, you can still be an elite performer.

The people involved in this film have so much talented wasted here.  Justin Theroux wrote the script and our boy here at Silver Screen Swaps, Tugboat McGuire, was a producer.  It is a damn shame that this was made.

Erich, if you want to watch a funny movie about rock in the eighties, watch This is Spinal Tap.  It is everything you want out of Rock of Ages and then some.  It is truly one of the funniest movies I have ever watched and is required viewing.

Rock of Ages: 4.8/10

Erich’s Next Movie:

Blue Jay


Now that Asian Cinema Month is over, I am bringing it back to one of the best movies made last year.  It is a Duplass film and an absolute tear jerker.  Sarah Poulson and Mark have undeniable chemistry that makes this film truly remarkable.

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