Wonder Woman (2017) Review 

YES! That’s the only logical thing I could say about this movie to start off this review. This movie was a spectacular ride from start to finish. DC has had trouble with their previous cinematic universe entries, both critically and commercially. They have needed a jolt to help bring back hope to the more successful Marvel’s competition. This film has brought hope, fun and wonder to this franchise and I couldn’t be happier. As someone who did love the Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Ultimate Edition (a post on that film coming very soon), this franchise did feel like it was discombobulated and didn’t have a clear direction, especially evident in the abysmal Suicide Squad last year. Wonder Woman has restored that faith and more so. I can’t speak about how wonderful and overjoyed I am to say this. I was so optimistic that this film would be great and I am so happy it truly is. Wonder Woman is absolutely the best film this summer has had to offer thusfar.


Wonder Woman takes place during World War 1 and opens up on the island of Themyscira, the home of the Amazons, woman created by the gods and ultimately a place of only woman. Diana (Gal Gadot), the daughter of the Amazonian queen, Queen Hippolyta (Connie Nielsen), dreams of becoming a warrior but is forbidden by her mother. She secretly trains with her aunt Antiope (Robin Wright), the fiercest warrior on Themyscira. When a war pilot named Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) crashes a plane through some portal between Earth and Themyscira, the Amazons learn of the terrible war going on and Diana finally learns what she must do, even if it means leaving her home and traveling to the foreign London where she learns the world may not be as it seems.


First and foremost, there are two superstar woman who make this film as fantastic as it is, one in front of the lens and one behind it. Gal Gadot is Wonder Woman. No one can ever play this role ever again in my eyes. The sense of hope and optimism this character has is a much needed breath of air to the DCEU. You learn so much about this character and watch her grow and Gadot’s charismatic performance was wonderful. She owns this role. She also wasn’t a perfect character. She was extremely naive and I was so happy she had to learn so much throughout the movie. The other woman that blew me away was the director, Patty Jenkins. This film is so vibrant and colorful and when the action jumps into high gear, oh boy. Jenkins uses a heavy amount of Slo-mo in this film but I never felt like it was overkill. The way the film blends slo-mo with fast action was so cool. You can also see everything that’s going on with the action as there’s no quick cuts or close-ups and I loved this.


What really surprised me was just how amazing the quieter moments in the film were. This film has a lot of action-less scenes but it is never slow and boring. The film is paced wonderfully as its 141 minute runtime feels like a breeze as there’s something always going on in the film. The film takes the time to show the blossoming romance of Diana and Steve and I actually found myself really caring and being invested in this aspect of the film, it didn’t feel not earned or cliche. When the end rolls around, it brought tears to my eyes and I think that’s due to the wonderful script by Allan Heinberg. It gives the characters true depth and makes the audience really care. Also, something that was so great was just how funny the movie was. It wasn’t Marvel funny though. I have no problem with Marvel or the quips but was afraid that this movie would try to replicate that tone too much and it would fall flat. Luckily, the humor is very earned and never put in the middle of an action sequence or somewhere where it wouldn’t normally be funny. Serious moments are taken serious and there’s a lot of lighthearted levity elsewhere and I really dug that.

Besides Gadot, the acting all around was so well done. Chris Pine would of stole the show had it not been for Gadot being so awesome. His Steve Trevor was so likable and brave. You never feel like he’s just a guy in distress and he has some great standout moments in the film. Robin Wright really surprised me here with how awesome at performing stunts. Her action scenes were amazingly badass and it has made me really wanna see what she could do in another action film.

My flaw with the movie is some of the villain characters. They do feel like of meh and not as fleshed out as other characters. There is one hell of a reveal at the end that I kind of predicted but was glad the film went with it. Also, there are maybe two or three moments where the CGI becomes extremely noticeable, particularly in the explosive finale but the stakes feel so high, I was still invested.

Besides those minor flaws, Wonder Woman was truly one hell of a blockbuster. The action, characters, cast, humor and story make for a much needed breath of air that this DC franchise needed. I loved this movie and will most certainly be seeing it again. It is my favorite movie of the summer and also the best one yet. I am now super excited for Justice League as Geoff Johns has truly helped shape this universe into the potential for something to finally rival Marvel.

Grade: A


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