50 Greatest Indy’s | 49. Run Lola Run

Run Lola Run is a great high pressure movie that doesn’t stop the action until the credits. A lot of people say that as a hyperbole for an intense movie with some pressing scenes, but I kid you not that this movie did not take its foot off the gas.  

This German film tracks the afternoon of Lola and Manni, two criminals in love. When Manni loses 100K franc’s, he is forced to go to drastic measures to get his boss the money or else he is dead. What is extra unique here is that the story is told in 3 separate timelines all revolving around whether Lola and Manni get the money. The director uses constant uptempo music with a high BPM to keep your heart racing just like Lola’s.  
My favorite part of this movie is the abilities to create three separate scenarios that are all completely believable and for the most part vastly different from one another.  

If you are looking for a high tempo movie that has heart and forge connections to its derelict characters, Run Lola Run is the movie for you. With its eclectic shots, akin to Danny Boyle, and short run time, watching this was a pleasure.  

Run Lola Run: 8.3/10

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