50 Greatest Indy Films | 48. Cube

Next up on my Indy film list is a Canadian film called Cube. Cube reminded me a lot of the genre saving Saw. It combined a group of strangers trapped in a dangerous enclosed space. If only it was as exciting.

Yes, the movie had its ups for sure. It combined the mystery of the people trapped in a cube together with the unknowns of why them. It also had great effects for all the traps in each cube. The movie started off hotter than any movie I’ve ever scene. A man gets literally diced in the opening scene and I was in. Then it got very convoluted and got too smart for itself. In a world where I just want to watch a crazy psycho-thriller, I got a movie centered around prime numbers and coordinates to a map system from a trigonometry text book.  

The performances were very lack luster and seemed very B rate. I would normally pass this off as okay, but compared to the last few films I’ve watched with bottom of the barrel actors that absolutely kill it, there was no one that stood out. Everyone seemed like they were in a soap opera and trying too hard to be “the guy”. The worst was the smart math technician trying to explain difficult equations and math terms and Quentin, the main protagonist following up with “In English please”. I’m not kidding, that was a real line.

All in all this movie had me and then disappointed me like no other. I was so in on this film I thought it was going to blow my mind, but instead it just left me wanting more, but in a bad way. I applaud the effort to try and be different and make their viewers think about the plot more than most films, but it all felt pretentious.
Cube: 6.6/10

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