The Big Sick

I got the opportunity to go to an early screener of the new Apatow Productions movie, The Big Sick.  This movie is based on the real life relationship between Kumail Nanjiani and Emily V. Gordon as she falls into a medically induced coma.  Directed by Michael Showalter, of Wet Hot American Summer fame, The Big Sick  is this summer’s best movie.

Kumail’s writing ability to showcase his own emotional insecurities and to analyze himself in a very real sense is so impressive.  To be able to put your entire life on film for the world to see with very little to be dramatized is truly what helped make this movie feel so authentic.  His chemistry with Ray Romano and Holly Hunter seemed like they were bound to be a real family and seeing them go from not knowing anything about one another to possibly their darkest secrets while the person they all love the most is dying.



Kumail includes a lot of his personal and familial life in this movie and really gets the audience to understand what it is like being from the subcontinent.  His conflict with being who he wants to be compared to the person that his family wants to be is his biggest struggle of the movie.  Everything revolves around his decision to be traditionally pakistani or become americanized and that includes his career choices and relationships.  His family wants him to be more than just a stand up comedian and marry a pakistani girl while he wants to pursue comedy and meet whoever truly makes him happy.

I cannot praise this movie enough without pointing out how truly funny it is.  It has some of the funniest jokes in a movie since last year’s Popstar.  Ray Romano is back in a big way and I hope he starts popping up in some more stuff.  Since Everybody Loves Raymond ended he started taking smaller melodramatic roles in shows such as Parenthood and Men of a Certain Age.  This role fits perfectly with the older Ray Romano.

uber TBS.jpeg

If you get a chance to see this summer, go see it.  It will be the next big movie and will catapult Kumail into a new stratosphere akin to Aziz Ansari, as they are both stand ups who are focusing on writing and directing more.  If you cannot wait, listen to Emily V. Gordon’s episode on You Made It Weird to get a more in depth story to their relationship.

The Big Sick: 8.8/10

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