Sin City

Sin City is a movie that got away from me.  It came out in 2005 when I was just ten years old and seeing a cool black and white comic movie coming out, I was ecstatic.  Thank god I waited to see this because, I don’t think I would have appreciated just how truly fantastic this movie is.

maxresdefault (1).jpg

Robert Rodriguez was revolutionary with Sin City, as he made this movie with his hands only.  He served as the Cinematographer, Editor, Music Supervisor and Writer/Director/Producer.  He recruited help from his old friend Quentin Tarantino to direct a scene.  Tarantino’s scene was so odd and maligned that it felt like no one else’s.  He adds the Tarantino charm to this scene and I couldn’t be happier that he was involved.  Robert Rodriguez initially wanted to give sole directing credit to Frank Miller, who wrote the comic and helped get this film adaptation off the ground.  Miller refused to receive full credit and they decided to split the role.  This meant that Rodriguez left the DGA in order to do this.  It makes this movie that much more special because Rodriguez was willing to leave the academy, just to make sure he was doing the movie justice.

Mickey Rourke was indistinguishable was his portrayal of Marv.  He was able to really shed his demons and put out a great performance that makes you feel bad for him up until his demise.  Bruce Willis was so good at being a creepy pedo, but never making you feel weird for liking him.  It is a weird movie when you actually feel bad that the pedophile should go to jail.  You lose all your preconceived morals in this movie and they take advantage of that.  Same thing with Benicio Del Toro’s character.  He plays a severely crooked cop that stalks his ex girlfriend.  His role gets even better after he dies and starts talking to Clive Owen in their car as he races to dispose his body.


This movie is so ridiculous when you look at it from above.  The movie has a prostitution ring, pedophiles, death row, serial killers, cannibals and even zombies.  There is nothing this film doesn’t cover and they do it properly.  When you are watching, everything seems well contained in this world and everyone has their role.  Nothing seems out of the realm of possibility in Sin City and it works.

I cannot wait to watch the second one, even after the less than great reviews.  I think that as long as they are able to continue to put out good stories with ungovernable characters, the sky’s the limit.  Robert Rodriguez is skilled enough to put out the most compelling movies possible every year, and I hope he returns to film soon.

Sin City: 9.2/10

Erich’s Next Movie:

Godzilla (1954)


This is one of my all time favorites and people do not recognize truly how fantastic it is.  This was the revolution of monsters in cinema after the Universal monster movies died.  Godzilla is a classic masterpiece and the perfect ending to Asian Cinema month.


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