Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (2011) 

If you frequently look at my posts, I always put the word review up for when it’s a review. I’ve been marathoning the Pirates of the Caribbean series in anticipation for the new installment, Dead Men Tell No Tales. This being my first time seeing these movies in years, I’ve matured as both a filmmaker and a filmgoer, seeing this I originally didn’t before. I remembered enjoying these films but the progression of each installment was always down. After the grueling process of At World’s End, I was kind of dreading this movie not because I didn’t want to watch it but the previous movie was just so long that my excitement was non-existent and I pride myself on finishing things I start. Well, that changed because I didn’t finish rewatching this movie. I tried so hard but I couldn’t do it. This film proved so non-consequential and is so “serviceable” that I genuinely lost interest an hour into the movie. I wouldn’t lie to you and review this film being as how I didn’t complete it. I just couldn’t finish the movie. Maybe it was At World’s End that just fatigued me but I found this film overly bland and meh. It’s not that it’s a bad film but from the hour and 20 that I sat through, I found myself on my phone and missing entire portions of the film because well, I didn’t care enough to finish. So now I turn my interest to Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, a film with which I am ashamed to say I have lost all interest in but will still go see it, hoping that I do enjoy it and am able to have fun but from the trend of the series, I am not gonna get my hopes up.

Up Next: Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

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