Is Top Gun a war movie?

With this weekend being Memorial Day Weekend, I was having a conversation about favorite war movies.  I lead with “taking Top Gun out of it [because it’s my favorite movie]…” and was immediately interrupted.
“Top Gun isn’t a war movie”
“It takes place during the cold war and the finale is a giant dog fight where people presumably die” I replied.

So what constitutes a war movie and what is there bare minimum for genre sorting.  Is Forrest Gump a war movie?  There is a lengthy period where he is in Vietnam fighting and then deals with PTSD from Lieutenant Dan.  Yes, the movie also deals with other aspects of pop culture and real life, but most of those events would not have made sense had he not been in the military.

Top Gun is much more than just an action block buster.  It deals with the pressures of flying with your enemies and being toe to toe with them.  It handles the training aspect and rigorous schedule of being a top fighter pilot.  There are more military scenes than action scenes and refuse to believe that it can solely be described as an action film.

Just something to ponder as you enjoy your long weekend and remember those who gave their lives to protect what we have.  Happy Memorial Day and have a great weekend



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