Midnight Special

Midnight Special is the followup hit by breakout director Jeff Nichols.  I saw his drama Loving earlier this year that also starred Joel Edgerton and thought it was good.  I think I can say the same for Midnight Special.

The whole point of the “Swap” series here is to broaden our horizon and watch films we wouldn’t watch regularly.  There is no chance that I would have put on Midnight Special for an evening.  It’s not my style of film and continues to be like that.  I don’t enjoy sci-fi films, but what helped this was a credible plot line that helped move everything along.  

The very idea behind the story seemed odd and derivative but Jeff Nichol’s was able to work around the slow parts of the script with great performances from Michael Shannon and Joel Edgerton.  I was not a fan of Adam Driver at all because I was really hoping he would knock this outta the park. I also didn’t notice that Kristen Dunst was in this until about halfway through the movie.  

The best part of this movie was anytime Roy and Alton shared the screen.  They felt like a real father-son combination and Roy really cared for the future and well being of his son.  

All in all, this movie was directed very well, but didn’t do much to capture me in.  I would have liked to see more focus on the religious cult aspect and less on the futuristic elements.

Midnight Special: 7.1/10 

Erich’s Next Movie: Ikiru

Ikiru is my favorite Kurosawa film and is really one of the most depressing movies I’ve seen.  It’s a masterpiece in Japanese cinema and I hope he enjoys this and can appreciate the outlook on Japanese culture that this film depicts

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