Best “The Mindy Project” Guest Stars

The Mindy Project is one of the funniest Network comedies to come out of the post-Office era of network television.  The quick jokes and chemistry between the whole cast helps make this show great.  One of the biggest strengths has been it’s ability to draw in a star studded guest list.  It’s hard to narrow down to just 10, but here it goes:

10. Allison Williams

Before she was huge, she plays Danny’s young new girlfriend.  She was able to be more grown up than a 35 year old man, and that’s saying something.

9. BJ Novak

Mindy dates BJ’s character for a few episodes until she accepts that he is in love with his best friend.  Never a huge fan of Novak’s acting skills

8. Timothy Olyphant

Olyphant his a home run with his mid-30’s pro-skateboard character.  The ditziness and level of unawareness play perfectly into his acting toolbox.  His character here reminds me of his role in the 2014 film This Is Where I Leave You

7. Glenn Howerton

Star of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, plays a lawyer who dates Mindy.  His character starts off strong but falls into typical sitcom tropes towards the end

6. Anders Holm

Playing the former Priest/DJ/Humanitarian/Fiancé he is able to show growth in his time on TMP.  Before he left for Haiti, I didn’t mind him, but after he came back, I couldn’t wait for him to leave.  I guess he played the role well in that sense?

5. Kevin Smith

Famed writer and director plays himself as a true to form actor who knows what his deal is in this world.  He wants to connect to Mindy because of their stature and Mindy resents him for this.  His ability to ramble makes his cameo perfect

4. James Franco

The other Dr. L is a sex therapist and gynecologist who is the foil in the beginning of season 2.  James Franco is charming as hell and makes it hard to agree with Mindy in her distaste for him

3. The Duplass’

Mark and Jay play brother midwives who share the building with Shulman and Associates.  Their devilish charm and witty comebacks are radiant

2. Bill Hader

Almost a recurring guest as he frequents the show enough as Mindy’s ex boyfriend and fellow doctor.  It’s Bill Hader, what did you expect?

1. Seth Rogen

Mindy’s childhood camp crush comes back to town for a short military leave.  Rogen absolutely kills it in his role here and is the perfect example of one episode being the perfect amount.  Anymore and his character might become stale

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