Twin Peaks: The Return (2017, Showtime) Episodes 1-4 Reaction

(Episodes 1 and 2 are On Demand along with Showtime Anytime where you’ll find episodes 3 and 4 before they air this Sunday. New episodes begin June 4th.)


(Mild spoilers below, nothing major but you’ve been warned so preceed at your own risk)



Instead of writing a proper review of the new revival of the hit show from the 1990’s, I’ll just go ahead and say Twin Peaks: The Return is good. No, it is damn good television and I recommend it to fans of the original series and newcomers alike looking for a new series to get invested in. Now, what is this new season about you might ask? I still haven’t the faintest clue. It is full blown unfiltered David Lynch. When I say unfiltered, I don’t just mean content wise. Although this is definitely more mature with more language, nudity and gore than the original two seasons had and I’m very glad that this is present yet it’s not overkill just for the sake of having the free reigns of Showtime. But, this is the most trippy and surreal television I’ve seen in a while, well since Legion but this is even more bonkers than that.


Dale Cooper (Kyle Maclachlan) has had his soul stuck in the black lodge, a place of pure evil for the past 25 years and his evil doppelganger has been running amuck in the outside world. His doppelganger seems to be involved in a love of crime from the start of the season. Back in Twin Peaks, Hawk (Michael Horse) has been told by Margaret (Catherine Coulson, who passed away at the start of filming but was able to film these scenes), the lady who receives messages from her log, that something is missing in the evidence into the investigation into the Laura Palmer murder. In North Dakota, William Hastings (Matthew Lillard), a school principal, has been accused of brutally murdering the school secretary and in New York, a millionaire has been paying people to watch a glass box as there’s suspicion of some kind of force appearing. Along the way, there’s a few other story elements that present themselves but so far this is the main story.


I know that my description of the season’s plot is very vague and confusing, but that’s the way the season is presented. The show hasn’t had much of anything happen and has been very slow but hardly in a bad way. I have been riveted, disturbed, confused and genuinely terrified. Something that this season is doing a lot differently is the tone. Gone is the cheese and campy elements from the first two seasons as this is a very darker and creepier presentation. Of course there’s a ton of surreal and funky humor here as Lynch is known for but there’s some truly terrifying imagery that has already been presented that if I know Mr. Lynch, he’s only going to get weirder.


Something else that was surprising is the fact that we’ve barely visited Twin Peaks. A lot of the story has taken place in all of the surrounding places that aren’t Twin Peaks. A lot the original cast has yet to make an appearance and I know that when they do it’s going to be a big deal.


As of now, the story is very intriguing but scattered. I know that there’s something that connects these stories and the speculation has already begun both with my friends and in my head as I am trying to figure out what everything means. The master of surrealism has returned to our TV screens and I can’t wait for the next episode on June 4th. I’m in Mr. Lynch, your move.

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