The Comedian (2016)

For being a movie called the Comedian, they forgot to make me laugh. Robert DeNiro strikes out more than a Phillies outfielder lately. He hasn’t had a good project since Joy in 2015. Hopefully this will turn around with his next Scorsese film The Irishman.
The Comedian had a lot of potential with a great cast including Edie Falco, Leslie Mann and Danny Devito. The script felt so forced that you couldn’t help but realize that a comedian never wrote this movie. If you are going to have a movie about a stand up comedian, consult some of the stand up’s you brought in.  

This movie was originally slated to be directed by Scorsese and you can see why. Taylor Hackford does a Martin Scorsese impression that was so over the top I wouldn’t have been surprised if he showed up in a suit and giant glasses to set everyday.

I would have rather watched a sequel to George of the Jungle where Leslie Mann doesn’t acknowledge Brendan Frazier being replaced by Robert DeNiro

The Comedian: 2.3/10

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