Moonstruck is one of those movies that defies generations and is able to connect with anyone that has a dysfunctional family.  It does a wonderful job of relating to the common viewer.  It is important that a script is strong enough to have two of the biggest stars EVER in the movie and still feel real.  Cher and Nic Cage are wonderful together here and it is these kind of performances that you wish they were together in real life.

Moonstruck is more than just a romantic comedy.  It is a wonderful drama that follows the standard opera format which makes it truly spectacular.  Between heartbreak and misfortune, we are on set on a journey where the ending is either pure jubilation or utter defeat.  Luckily I believe we got the best possible outcome no matter whom you are rooting for.

The script was written by John Patrick Shanley who wrote the stageplay and future movie (which he also directed) Doubt.   Doubt is one of my all time favorites and Erich actually reviewed it earlier this year as one of my Swaps picks.  It makes sense on why some of the more sillier moments in the movie still feel authentic and touching.  JPS has a way with words and is able to write in so many different voices.  I highly suggest some of his other movies, such as Joe vs. The Volcano, starring Tom Hanks.  It is up there on my list of favorite Hanks films.


Cher cannot get enough praise from me here.  She does a great job of separating her real life lavish lifestyle, to her role as Loretta.  She is a straight fox and never looked better.  Her charming abilities makes it convincing that she would be able to seduce the younger Nic Cage.  Cage himself also pulls together a lightsout showing here that gets overlooked.  Playing an amputee is difficult, but he made it makes sense and honest.  I think this is where we really get the first taste of unhinged Nic Cage and I loved every minute of it.

If you are weary on this movie, I suggest watching My Big Fat Greek Wedding first as a primer as I noticed several similarities between the two.  They both focus on the love lives in their mid thirties with an extremely dysfunctional foreign family.  I really enjoy MBFGW.  It is the perfect Sunday afternoon background movie.  Moonstruck however, is a better movie all together and deserves the viewer’s full attention.

Moonstruck: 8.2/10

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