Mommy Dead And Dearest

HBO’s newest true crime documentary debuted last week with little reaction from the internet, which is shocking.  This is a story that social media eats up and turns into memes.  I think with a little more attention, this will blow up into the new Making A Murderer.


This story follows the murder of an overbearing mother to a child with several debilitating medical disorders including leukemia and muscular dystrophy.  Gypsy has been living her whole life a lie as she never had these diseases and was actually able to walk.  On top of all this, she never knew her real age and was taken out of school in the second grade which seemed to have stunted her mental growth.  Gypsy was still fully functioning and was able to tell be sociable, there was clearly something off about her.

The craziest part of the entire doc was when Gypsy’s boyfriend is introduced.  He is a legit psychopath and manipulates Gypsy into doing anything he says.  Hearing her chronicle their relationship and all the abnormal stuff they did to one another is very unsettling and made me feel uncomfortable.  Gypsy and Nicholas are both clearly damaged people with a lot of baggage and being together made their own personal mental health even more alarming.

MDD Boyfriend.jpeg
Nicholas Godejohn, Gypsy’s Boyfriend

The whole story about her mother Dee Dee’s murder is peculiar.  Dee Dee is a deranged lunatic that is a habitual shoplifter and serial fraudster.  She made her home a pressure cooker for a dangerous act to occur.  The film itself is filled with stories Dee Dee forging doctor’s files and lies to medical officials.  Dee Dee’s murder hit websites such as buzzfeed almost immediately, but HBO were the first to get the full backstory about what exactly happened to Dee Dee.

If you like true crime series, this is a good watch as it is only 80 minutes and a breeze to watch.  There are hardly any dull moments, and has a great interview with Gypsy as well.  Look for Law and Order: SVU to make an episode like this in the near future.

This was a fine film, but it really didn’t do anything more than just allow me to watch something for eighty minutes.  For that;

Mommy Dead and Dearest: 7.4/10

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